27924_404081232993437_1934353898_nU.S. Postal Service NE Distribution HUB Project
The former North East Distribution Hub of the United States Postal Service, demolished and replaced by a new Target location and a shopping center.
Size: Approx: 700,000 square feet
Scope: Permitting, Demolition plans, site safety, engineering, abatement, demolition, remediation, concrete crushing, recycling.
Recycled: Approx 1000 ton of metal, 25,000 cubic yards of crushed concrete
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481678_407659605968933_117050712_nU.S. Immigration Building, LA Fitness Project
The former US Immigration building in Garden City was demolished to make way for a new LA Fitness location.
Size: Approx 75,000 square feet of office space.
Scope: Permitting, engineering, variances, structural separations adjoining occupied spaces, abatement, demolition, recycling, UST (underground storage tank) removal, remediation.
Recycled: Approx. 150 tons of metal
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381998_407608672640693_1518266273_nBioMed Facility Project
Description: Two former BioMed pharmaceutical buildings on a 50+ acre campus.
Size: Approx 200,000 square feet total
Scope: Utility mapping, disconnects, permitting, engineering, confined space work, demolition, concrete crushing, recycling
Recycled: Approx 5,000 cubic yards of concrete, and 350 Tons of metal.
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252235_404079779660249_950888476_nStella Doro BJ’s Riverdale Project

Description: The world famous cookie company, Stella Doro closed its doors in 2011; their production/ distribution facilities to be remediated, abated, and demolished, making way for a BJ’s wholesale location.
Size: 300,000 square feet of production, office, and shipping areas.
Scope: Permitting, engineering, expediting, demo plans, MTA plans, safety plans, abatement, demolition, remediation, recycling, concrete crushing.
Recycled: 895 tons of metal, approx. 16,000 cubic yards of crushed concrete.
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Picture 2Depository Trust Company, BJ’s Garden City Project

A large, partially vacant office building hiding a 40,000 square foot depository trust vault in its center. With a US Immigration office, nursing school and numerous medical practices surrounding the vault, and remaining open for business during the abatement and demolition, this project was a challenging structural separation, and a test of safe demolition practices. The vault was comprised of 27” thick walls, floors, and ceiling, and had 5 layers of thick rebar staggered throughout. Demolition of this property was followed by the construction of a new BJ’s wholesale location.
Size: 225,000 square feet of office area, and 40,000 square feet of vault space.
Scope: Permitting, engineering, demo plans, variances, abatement, demolition,
remediation, UST (underground storage tank) removal, excavation, concrete crushing,
trucking, and recycling.
Recycled: 850 tons of metals, 15,000 cubic yards of crushed concrete.
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Picture 3HBO Boardwalk Project
Description: The set of HBO’s TV show, “Boardwalk Empire”, this “boardwalk” was actually located in a Brooklyn parking lot.
Size: 20,000 square feet of buildings and boardwalk.
Scope: Demolish the structures, remove the sand and boardwalk, and leave the parking lot swept clean, and recycling.
Recycled: Approx 100 yards of sand, 90 tons of metal, and approx. 900
yards of construction debris.
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559951_407669709301256_826968198_nSt. Mary’s Preschool Project

Description: A one- and two-story pre-school building located in Prospect Heights Brooklyn. Demolished in its entirety to make way for a 7-story residential and community facility building.
Size: Approx. 40,000 square feet
Scope: Permitting, construction fencing, demolition, debris removal, rough grading, recycling, and NYC Department of Buildings sign off.
Recycled: 75 tons of metal, approx. 1000 cubic yards of construction debris.
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400019_407622642639296_779007023_nThe Puck Building, New York City Project
 9-story historic building located in the nolita section of Manhattan, this landmark building is undergoing a 2-story addition to be used for high-end residential apartments.
Size: Approx 26,000 square feet
Scope: Interior and exterior select demolition, beam pockets, slab openings, elevator shaft demolition, and debris removal.
Recycled: Antique wood flooring, 11 tons of metals.
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Picture 1Alma Gardens Project
Located in the heart of Hempstead Village, this property is part of the Hempstead Village revitalization project currently underway. A vacant and underutilized parking lot was transformed into a multi-unit residential tower.
Size: 2 acre
Scope: Permitting, engineering, expediting, shoring plans, shoring, excavation, trucking, installation of drywells/associated drainage components, footings and foundation concrete work.
Recycled: 15,000 cubic yards of sand
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374559_407690535965840_428152253_nKearny Baseball Bat Factory Project
Description: A landmark building in Kearny NJ, this was ”the old baseball bat factory”. A large 1 story wood/metal/glass factory building, with two out buildings and a rail system for moving heavy metal materials.
Size: 125,000 square feet, 125ft tall smoke stack
Scope: Permitting, engineering, demo plans, variances, disconnects, abatement, decommissioning of all heavy equipment, lathes, shears, rail system, etc, recycling.
Recycled: 385 tons of metal equipment and rail system, and aluminum raw material stockpiles.
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75926_407611995973694_894715344_nMetro 303 Residential Building Project
An old Ford dealership and approx. 2 acre lot in the heart of Hempstead Village, part of the Hempstead village Revitalization project.
Approx. 20,000 square feet of building and 2 acres of land
Permitting, engineering, abatement, demolition, excavation, Cultec drainage system, shoring, trucking, concrete work, landscape retaining walls, signage and line striping, asphalt.
A limited amount of metals, approx. 15,000 cubic yards of sand.
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